Accelerating Static Timing Analysis using CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Parallelism


Static timing analysis (STA) is an essential yet time-consuming task during the circuit design flow to ensure the correctness and performance of the design. Thanks to the advancement of general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPUs), new possibilities and challenges have arisen for boosting the performance of STA. In this work, we present an efficient and holistic GPU-accelerated STA engine. We accelerate major STA tasks, including levelization, delay computation, graph propagation, and multi-corner analysis, by developing high-performance GPU kernels and data structures. By dividing the STA workloads into CPU-GPU concurrent tasks with managed dependencies, our acceleration framework supports versatile incremental updates. Furthermore, we have extended our approach to multi-corner analysis by exploring a large amount of corner-level data parallelism using GPU computing. Our implementation based on the open-source STA engine OpenTimer has achieved up to 4.07× speed-up on single corner analysis, and up to 25.67× speed-up on multi-corner analysis on TAU 2015 contest designs and a 14nm technology.

IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
Zizheng Guo
Zizheng Guo
Ph.D. Student

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Peking University. My research interests include data structures, algorithm design and GPU acceleration for combinatorial optimization problems.